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How to Connect To Multiple Bluetooth Speakers To A Device

Syncing multiple speakers provide a surround sound quality and experience. Instead of purchasing an expensive stereo system, the advancement in technology paved the way for portable speaker devices to provide the same quality without a complex setup. So, can you connect to multiple Bluetooth speakers? The answer is yes. But you'll need to download some apps to support this feature. Smart speakers for home use such as Amazon Echo and Google Home paved the way for Bluetooth devices to improve and upgrade their range and services. That said, many tech companies came up with applications to maximize your Bluetooth speakers. Bluetooth 5, AmpMe, Bose Connect, and Ultimate Ears are some of the apps you can download to enjoy streaming through multiple Bluetooth devices. Audio Company Apps Most Bluetooth speakers come with a brand-specific app for connecting multiple Bluetooth speakers. Bose Connect and Ultimate Ears allow a device to connect to two speakers simultaneously. However, they only apply to specific models. Bose Connect links your Bose speaker or headphone into your device. It also comes with a Party Mode feature to link two speakers or two headphones simultaneously. Check references online to see which devices are compatible with different models. On the other hand, Ultimate Ears came up with two apps intended for two lines of speakers. The Boom and MegaBoom utilize a PartyUp option to connect up to 50 Boom or 2 MegaBoom speakers at once. Note: Can you connect to multiple Bluetooth speakers using this app? Actually, no. A third speaker will automatically kick out the first device paired.

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